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Selection Of Screw Screw For Plastic Pipe Production Line

Qingdao Longchangjie Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Selection of Screw Screw for Plastic Pipe Production Line
First of all, Plastic Pipe Production Line screw screw material selection. Plastic Pipe Production Line in the actual operation of the screw to bear a long period of high temperature and corrosion of raw materials, but also in the production of a long time and the barrel and the interaction of raw materials and friction. This will be on the extruder equipment screw screw loss, so the choice of Plastic Pipe Production Line screw, screw when you must choose wear-resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant raw materials. Plastic Pipe Production Line of the screw life and the quality of raw materials is also a great relationship in the production of high-quality plastic products for a long time than the production of inferior materials, the product life is much longer, so when we produce products, The loss should be counted into. And then one is the Plastic Pipe Production Line screw design, raw materials used in different equipment screw design is not the same, usually the more difficult plastic materials used in the production of Plastic Pipe Production Line of the screw length to diameter ratio.
Plastic Pipe Production Line As a necessary equipment for the extrusion of plastic products, the choice of the operator required in actual production is also important. First of all, the Plastic Pipe Production Line in the normal operation of equipment and various functions of the debugging operations must be familiar. And then one is the safety of production knowledge in the operator before the job must go through a series of training. Equipment in the production can not wear gloves, bracelets and other decorations, for women to operate with a helmet must be equipped. Equipment in the production of various products for the production temperature is different, the operator is best to find someone who has had the experience of production to guide or machine. And then one is for the plastic extrusion to the maintenance of the equipment instructions must be guided by the maintenance, so as to maximize the equipment to ensure the life.
Plastic Pipe Production Line temperature control system automation is quite high, and now the Plastic Pipe Production Line is through the mold temperature machine to the extruder barrel of the various stages of temperature control. Mold temperature is the use of water temperature control method to the temperature control of the equipment, before the equipment out through the mold temperature by the way the use of water cycle of the device screw screw temperature to the appropriate temperature. When the temperature reaches the value can be squeezed out when the device can start the power part of the normal production, the rubber through the extruder feed mouth in the barrel of plastic, shearing, forging and other processing, so that the rubber in the squeeze The extruder presses an extrusion pressure to form the rubber through the extruder mold. In the continuous operation of the equipment in the rubber, screw, screw and the interaction between the non-stop friction, which will produce self-production temperature, with the temperature continues to increase the device reaches a certain value in the temperature when the equipment must be cooling treatment
Plastic Pipe Production Line is the role of extrusion molding plastic products, plastic molding extrusion equipment. The main components of the Plastic Pipe Production Line are composed of Plastic Pipe Production Line screw, Plastic Pipe Production Line barrel, equipment base, extrusion die, temperature control system, power part and transmission part and frame composition. The production line of the Plastic Pipe Production Line is made of plastic particles into the plastic feed port and then plasticized by the barrel and then processed by a plastic screw. The composition of the equipment is directly related to the configuration of the equipment level, the higher the equipment configuration The higher the production cost of the equipment, then the higher the price of the equipment. The composition of the equipment design is reasonable whether the equipment can be a normal production of products, whether it can be energy efficient and efficient production.