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Marble lines the main motor does not start because

Qingdao Longchangjie Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2016

1, cause: ⑴ drove a programming error. B main motor threading problem fuses are burning ring. ⑶ interlocks work associated with the main motor. 2, treatment methods: ⑴ inspection procedures in the correct order drive after drive. B check the main electrical circuit. C check that the oil pump is started, it checks the status of interlock device associated with the main motor. Pump not open motor cannot be opened. D frequency converter induction is not finished, turn off the main power supply for 5 minutes after start. ⑸ check that the emergency button is reset. Sheet extrusion line, plastic sheet extrusion line, PVC sheet production line, profile production line, plastic profile extrusion line, PVC profile production line, wood-plastic profile production line, profile production line, marble lines, stone molding production line, plastic crushing machine.