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Characteristics of marble production line

Qingdao Longchangjie Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2016

1 raw material resources of the great part of biomass material can be fully utilized, sources, low value plastic components do not ask, old material or mixture may, fully embodies the comprehensive utilization of resources and effective utilization. 2 plastic imitation marble plastic products for artificial synthetic products as a whole, can be adjusted according to the required random product process and formula, resulting in different shapes and materials, material utilization close to 100%. 3 use of imitation marble material green stone/plastic base material and common additives are environmentally safe and innocuous, its production process does not produce side effects, it does not pose any hazard to both humans and the environment. 4 plastic imitation marble products with low value of economic transfer of materials into higher-value products, is not only extremely low maintenance costs, and several times that of ordinary natural stone product life, compared with obvious economic advantages.